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5 Types Of Digital Marketing To Know In 2021

In today’s world, Digital Marketing is a vital component in organizations or businesses whether it is a small scale business or a large scale. Digital marketing helps businesses to reach a wider audience and moreover the people who are likely to be interested in their products or services. 

Now businesses use various types of digital marketing services to reach their audience and market directly to their customers. There are many types of digital marketing techniques that can help your business to reach a very specific audience that is likely to become your customers.

Types Of Digital Marketing To Know:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

 SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a type of digital marketing technique, where the goal is to rank the business’s website on the top of the Google search results page or SERP. 

SEO experts use many techniques to find the keywords that people are using to search on the web and use that keyword to rank on the google search results page. 

But SEO is not that simple as it looks, It also consists of types:

On-Page SEO: On-Page SEO is the SEO Optimization for the website which is done on the page or website. All the optimization that is related to the website on the website like content of the website or page, Keywords that are used etc.

Off-Page SEO: Off-Page SEO is the SEO Optimization for the website which is done outside the scope of the website. All the SEO Optimization that is done outside the website like social media profiles of business, link building, etc.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC):

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising as the name suggests the type of advertising of a website to increase the traffic on the website by the means of paid advertising. 

But ppc ads, it is the type of digital marketing advertising which costs you only when a person clicks on your ad. If a person is not clicking on your ad then no cost is deducted for the ad. 

You also see ppc or pay per click type of ads in your daily life of browsing the web. Like you see some ads on the top of google serp with a small AD text with the link. Or you also see some ads on the side of the google serp. Youtube videos ads before the video or on the page of search are also pay per click ads.

The amount you pay while running a pay per click ads depends upon the competition of the keyword that you are targeting. The more competition on the keyword, the more you pay for the pay per click ads, The less competition on the keyword, the less you pay for the pay per click ads.

Pay per click advertising can be a very beneficial way for promoting business websites on the google search results page.

Social Media Marketing:

You are already aware of the social media channels like facebook and instagram. Digital marketing services to promote the business on the social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc. is called social media marketing.

Social media marketing services doesnt only include posting on social platforms but also creating a brand image online that is consistent also in the offline world. 

Social media marketing services also includes analysing the performance of the posts and also finding the right audience for your product or services and target them. 

Social media paid ads services that is a crucial part of the social media strategy can also help in promoting the brand in the right way. It can help businesses reach a wider yet an audience with specific interest for their product or services.

Social media marketing strategy should not be the same for every platform. It should be different according to  the different platforms. Facebook marketing, instagram marketing, linkedin marketing, pinterest marketing, twitter marketing all should have a different strategy for their platforms.

Content Marketing:

As you have already known to the fact that content is the king. Yes it is a fact. But making the content for the business is always the hardest part and requires more strategy and work.

Making the content that is worth sharing and bringing traffic is what everybody wants.

Content marketing main focus is to make the potential customer make the next decision that can be signing up for the email list, subscribing to blog newsletter etc. 

What is the thing that forces visitor to become a lead? Obviously the content that provides value to them. Not the content that is only advertising themselves and their products or services. 

Content marketing can easily help in making a relationship with the customer by providing them value in the form of blogs, videos, podcasts, ebooks and many many more. 

Content marketing can help many other digital marketing services or techniques. Like SEO or search engine optimization for bringing more traffic with keywords you are targeting. For social media marketing by making content for social media posts. 

Content is the king because it is the only marketing technique that can bring the visitors back to the website for more and signing up for the same.

Email Marketing:

Even in this time of social media and apps, email marketing is still the most important strategy a business can use to acquire leads for business by digital marketing services.

You can use email marketing services for providing content to subscribers or sending them useful information related to the business.

Email marketing services can help the business to acquire leads for the business and further convert them for sales. 

It is still the most crucial type of digital marketing services for acquiring and nurturing leads for the business. 

Now there are many email automation softwares like mailchimp or sendinblue, that can help you to send emails for business to customers or to acquire leads. The best part, you can easily use analytics to know the open rates and also click through rates for the email sent. To know the performance of the email marketing campaigns.


In today’s business world of globalization and internet, It is a very crucial strategy of every business to have a separate digital marketing strategy to reach new and specific audience of their niche.

Digital marketing services are of many types starting from search engine optimization to social media marketing and much more. It is our ability to opt the best technique and start growing the business folds.


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