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Alexa Echo

With Alexa app, you can unlock a world of possibilities. Considered to be one of the best home control apps, it will help you to set up your smart devices, create shopping lists, listen to music and much more.

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Alexa Not Connecting To Internet

Why Alexa Echo not connecting to internet?

Alexa Not Responding

Why Alexa Echo is not responding to my commands?

Set Up Issues For Alexa

If You have any setup issue for Alexa Echo

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Roku Streaming Device

Roku streaming device, It provides best streaming as it arrives with great design, many features such as ultra hd picture & streaming quality, internet connectivity options to choose, resolution options like 4K & HDR streaming options, compatible remote , quad-core processor and lot more.

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Roku Streaming Device

Error code 014

Error code 003

Error code 001

Roku error code 009 & 016

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GPS Devices

Our expert team can also handle every query related to GPS Devices like Truck GPS Devices or Car GPS Devices.

Rand Mcnally

Rand Mcnally provides telematics and fleet management expertise products, along with GPS connected vehicle products for truck and cars. Rand Mcnally connected products help to drive efficiently, safely and power of Rand Mcnally powerful connectivity for trucks and cars.

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Overdryve Series

TND series

DC Series

Dash Series

ClearDryve Series

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Garmin provides Automotive products with GPS connected for vehicles like trucks and cars. Garmin Automotive products are not only for GPS but for beyond GPS and navigation for trucks and cars.

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D─ôzl Series


Dashcam Series

Drive Series

Catalyst Series

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Other Software Support

We also provide great support for many other hardware and software devices.


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Printers & Routers

If you face any issues related to printers working or routers feel free to give us a call


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