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Why social media marketing is important for business?

Now everyone is on social media platforms like facebook, instagram, linkedin etc. And not only people but also social media is important for businesses also.

Social media is becoming an essential marketing strategy for businesses around the world. Because they are not only for showing your brand or your products or services but also they are very useful for engaging with the customers, Increasing your brand awareness and can also help in generation of leads. 

Now that the world is very fast and people are mostly on social media, so that your business should also be on it and getting their word around the web through it.

Do you know?

More than 70% of marketers believe that social media marketing has positive effect on their business.

More than 49% of people browse products on social media.

More than 60% people say social media always impact their purchasing decisions.

You can easily know by these stats that the use of social media is very essential for businesses.

Now let us see what are the benefits of social media marketing to business?

Getting your brand’s word out:

Social media marketing helps your brand to get the news of your new products or services to your customers more fast and in a new way. As most of the people are now on facebook, instagram, linkedin etc. Getting brand’s word out on these platforms are more essential now than before.


You can easily post about the new product or service on the feeds and customers will easily know that these things are coming and can create a hype and excitement.

Be it night or day with the help of chatbots and social media automations with faqs. Yes, now chatting and communicating with the customers online has been very easy and even small businesses can be benefitted from this. 

Brand Identity:

Social media platforms like facebook, instagram, pinterest etc. have most of the people on them surfing. By posting on these platforms regularly about our brand, we help our brand’s identity to grow. 


People will know of your brand through social media and people only buy from who they know. So, social media marketing strategy helps your brand to get known among people.

Telling Brand’s Story:

You want to tell your brand story and the happenings of your business to people. Social media is a great way to tell your followers and potential customers your brand’s happenings and story.

You can easily share what is happening in our stores, you can be creative with that. You can tell or share something funny that happened or any important day for your brand.

So that the customers are always connected with it.

Get to know more about your audience:

Social media marketing helps businesses to know more about your customers and potential customers. The analytics that they provide in their insights option will tell you all about your audience like which age of people mostly see your content, and what time they mostly online? And many other important insights to know like gender etc. 

Not only these kind of insights you get to know more about your customers when they comment and ask for things. You get know many useful insights from the comment section where customers comment their views about their products.

You can then use these insights to enhance your business strategy and also for running social media ads for business.

Best customer service:

People are on social media platforms like facebook, instagram, pinterest, linkedin etc. So they’ll be asking questions on these platforms also. Social media is not only a great way for brand identity and promotion but it is also a great way for showing customers that you care.


Social media marketing can be used to answer the questions asked by customers and become a great example for best customer service.

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